Learning Continuum: Moving from Motivation to Independence

By Laura Vitale, Digital Media Specialist

kid_redThis week is all about the continuum of learning as students move from motivation to becoming independent, life-long learners. A couple of years ago, we released a white paper on this continuum (see the additional resources below for a link) and today you’ll hear from educators what this means in practice.

These educators show students the purpose of the learning. They help students see how it benefits and is of value to their life. They give students an active role in their own learning by putting them in the driver’s seat. You’ll hear the pride and amazement in their voices when they talk about how far their students can go when they’re not held back.

After listening to these educators, get a student’s perspective by listening to the Student Voices video below. And dig deeper by checking out some of the other resources provided.

Learning Continuum (audio)

Additional Resources:

Video: Student Voices

Releasing the Potential of Learner Voice and Choice

Learning Independence Continuum

Student Engagement Resource Roundup

Student Motivation: An Overlooked Piece of School Reform

Audio interviews conducted by Ed Janus
Image: (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / borodaev


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